TAIGUN Vodka is a unique organic craft vodka, which is prepared from organic winter wheat, the purest water from the tips of the Alatau Glacier with subtle notes of Eleuthero.

The product concept is built around the brutal natural spirit of the Siberian taiga and reflects its strength and power.

The spirit of taiga is personified in the figure of a bear, made of graphic berries, herbs, and fir needles.

Gifts of Taiga remind of the best that wild untouched nature can give to man.
The unique bottle has an unusual finish and reliefs over the entire surface of the glass.
Wooden cork is not only a design element, but also an opportunity to feel and touch the nature of the product.

The bottle design is made of noble wine paper fastened at the back with an oversize wax seal.
TAIGUN Vodka is a full-fledged representative of craft hand-made products, as manufacturing and assembly are done manually.

A gift box was developed and designed in the same craft style which creates an integrated and recognizable image of the STUDIOIN product and emotionally enhances the authenticity of vodka.

The new product was presented by the STUDIOIN team at the ProWein Global International Exhibition in Düsseldorf in March 2019.

In the near future TAIGUN will appear on the shelves of European alcohol networks.


Maximus Spirits Collection (Kazakhstan)

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