The incentive motivation which has been put into the project COMON SAVA, still keeps on bringing STUDION new prestigious awards. Last year, SOVA flew from Barcelona with a bronze Pentawards award, 2013. This time, SAVA has been recognized as a winner, along with such global brands as Mercedes-Benz and Sony, in one of the most prestigious international competitions in the field of design – Red Dot Design Award.
We are moving forward, and the red dot which represents the professional level of our team is going to turn eventually into a dot-dot-dot.
Whilst creating this product, we were focused on a positive thinking, on a word-play in naming, and on a communication with a consumer. Also, we took into consideration the merchandising specifics of wines of low cost category. All this helped SAVA to prosper.
In spite of many sceptic opinions concerning fakeness of this project and technical inability to realize this design idea, the wine COMON SAVA successfully found its niche on the market shelves all over Russia.
However, talking about real fake projects, and despite the fact that fake projects belong to an absolutely different weight category, they also bring benefits to STUDIOIN. Hence, our new and provocative vodka project named Democracy ( has got a silver award in one and only international fake festival of advertisement and design in Russia – FAKESTIVAL 2014.

STUDIOIN — брендинговая студия
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