We gave a special consideration to a creation of attractive bottle shape for the product.
Natural pureness and sincere emotion are the basis of the design for “INEY”. The visual conception joins together matt ice and transparent glass. The complex top relief of the bottle repeats the label`s contour line and creates a slowly melting ice effect.
Despite the fact that the theme of “cold” has been reflected in vodka brands for a quite long time, our designers succeeded in conveying of natural premium qualities, the short life-story of frost-dew, whilst the temperature`s fluctuating.
Deep blue for the classic INEY and bright white for the soft one are a customer-friendly choice of the main colors. Silver frost-mist makes the product even colder and outstands it from competitors.
The original product of high quality Alfa-spirits goes perfectly well with a warm friendly atmosphere and a long-awaited meeting.

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