New Year’s present from STUDIOIN company.

It is already third year in a row when Moscow design studio STUDIOIN traditionally releases a special New Year wine edition (for its friends and clients). And there, for those who survived the end of the World 2012 and now is looking forward to the new coming 2013 STUDIOIN would like to remind that mutually successful and comfortable cooperation is based on firm partnership and strong business connections. That’s why there is a snake knot placed on the label as it is not only a symbol of 2013 but it also means a strong partnership.
The slogan – “Come together in New Year”- makes a kind hint about those who is the very candidate for business collaboration. Designers did not forget about the practical side of the gift. There is a manual on the label, showing how to make the snake knot. You can try it when at the New Year’s table, to see whether the celebration came to the right condition.

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