After we updated completely the visual and marketing strategy of the ORIGO German coffee brand, it has become necessary to create an additional line of coffee targeted at a younger European audience.

The STUDIOIN specialists had a difficult task – to preserve the DNA of the brand, adding some flair that is understandable and close to modern youth.
ORIGO coffee is produced in Berlin using an ancient manual drum roasting technology and is a fair craft product.

The emotional legend of the new coffee line ORIGO SIMPLE is built around active, ambitious, creative people who love travelling, developing and are open to everything new.

As the basis of visual communication STUDIOIN chose the idea of unobtrusive simple illustration, reminiscent of Berlin graffiti. And craftiness of the new series of coffee of the famous Berlin brand is underlined by additional cardboard packaging with a lot of interesting and useful information.

Modern infographics providing maximum information in a concise form serves as an additional dialogue with the target audience.

ORIGO SIMPLE coffee has already been appreciated by European consumers and we welcome it in Russia in the near future.



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